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Corrections Policy

The Golden Gate Xpress is dedicated to accurately and correctly reporting our stories and sources. In the digital age, we acknowledge the lasting impact our published articles have on the internet; as reporters, our job is to accurately report the news first and must value accurate reporting. By agreeing to be interviewed by an Xpress reporter, you are agreeing to being part of a story that will remain on our site for the indefinite future. However, Xpress and its editors understand the importance of building a system of trust and must put the safety and wellbeing of our sources first. Under compelling circumstances, Xpress may be willing to grant confidentiality or corrections to a published article. These situations will not be dealt with casually and will be willing to issue changes in dire circumstances.


We value the fairness and honesty of reporting first and foremost, and are more than willing to work with sources to publish a story serviceable to all parties.

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Corrections Policy