VIDEO: A day in the life of visually impaired SF State music major Kurt Scott

By Nelson Estrada

Living with glaucoma has been a challenge for Kurt Scott, a SF State music major. His vision has been degenerating since he found out about his glaucoma when he was 20 years old. Currently, one of his eyes can detect some light while the other can detect some movement. Scott’s glaucoma presents several challenges when studying for classes.

“It takes me four times as long to get stuff done,” says Scott when asked about his life as a student.

Scott spends hours each week scanning text from classes and scan in to convert it into audio. Also, he uses a notetaker to help him write down anything on the blackboard or in other visual formats. Sometimes he even sits through a lecture twice in the same day to better absorb the class materials.

This story documents a day in his life. It gives a glimpse into his love of music, his trials as a student living with glaucoma and its complications.