VIDEO: SF State student balances hitting the books and fighting around the world

Any college student knows how hard it is to juggle school and work, not to mention trying to maintain a social life. But when your job involves daily training and jet-setting around the world, studying can become even more difficult.

Ky Hollenbeck, SF State student by day, professional Muay Thai fighter by night, seems to have mastered the art of both Muay Thai and kinesiology. When he’s not in foreign countries fighting other world-renowned Muay Thai champions, he’s hitting the books studying for his kinesiology exams.

Nearly every day after class Ky heads to World Team USA on Ocean Ave. to train with the chief instructor and owner, Kru Sam Phimsoutham. Since the age 15, this San Bruno native has diligently trained and is now one of the top ranked Muay Thai fighters in America.

Story and video by Jessica Goss.