Update: faculty and staff will get scheduled times to enter Science Building

SF State faculty and staff with offices and laboratories in the Science Building are to be scheduled a time to enter the premises for the retrieval of items.

They must be accompanied by Belfor Property Restoration personnel and have a photo I.D. matching their name on a daily inspection list in order to enter the building, according to documents by Air & Water Sciences Environmental Consultants.

Small objects like files and laptops may be removed from offices immediately without screening, needing only their exteriors wiped with a damp cloth, the documents said.

Faculty and staff attempting to obtain items located in laboratories are required to wear personal protection equipment, including lab coats, safety glasses, and nitrile gloves, as an added precaution, according to the documents.

Special attention will be given to items in rooms where excessive levels of mercury were found. The document said those in rooms 103, 104, 105, 111, 162, 169, 271 and 395 were subject to thorough cleaning procedures.