Letter to the editor

To the Editor,

The article, “Young medical cannabis patients lose access” in the Sept. 7, 2016 issue of the Golden Gate Xpress is very misleading. The title claims that medical cannabis patients under 21 will lose access to medical cannabis.  That is not true.  The law is designed to eliminate access to tobacco, tobacco products and tobacco paraphernalia designed for use with tobacco.  While an argument that lighters can be used for smoking tobacco, matches are not listed as being illegal in SBX2-7.  Thus medical marijuana patients can still use matches to smoke marijuana.  Additionally medical marijuana comes in a variety of forms that do not require fire, such as in chocolate, cookies, brownies, gummies, tincture, liquid and other food products.  Maybe patients under 21 will not be able to purchase rolling papers in tobacco stores, but there is no restriction to other legal ways to consume their medication. That is my interpretation of the Senate Bill after reading the full text.

Mitch L Turitz, SF State librarian