Find your place in the entertainment Arts & Media industry

Students are welcome to be a part of and learn from professionals from the Film, Music, Performing Arts, Broadcasting & Immersive & Social Media industry this Wednesday April 18 at 10 a.m at the Jack Adams Hall.

The discussion panel will consist of SFSU alumni, Jannette Bivoni (2011), Alicia Mayo (2017), David Owenm (1991) and Matthew Lamos (2016) along with Leslie Ann Jones, the director of music recording and scoring for Lucas Films.

The Career Services & Leadership Development has partnered with the CSU Entertainment Alliance to host a panel of discussion to prepare students who are pursuing a career in Entertainment Arts and Media. A career fair will be held in the afternoon after the panel discussion.

Associate Director of Career Services, Cori Miller shares how the CSLD has renovated its services to provide all students on campus information about attending these workshops to expand their network and find a job or internship.

“We’re trying to reach out to these different companies knowing that our students are not only looking for business or corporate positions,” said Miller. “We’re also working to tap in and engage with STEM, nonprofits, public service, government, NGO employers. Our goal is to prepare students for opportunities that might present themselves. Ultimately, we want to be known as the office where talent and opportunity connect.”

CSU entertainment Managing Director, Simone Nelson, expressed that CSU Entertainment Alliance helps students from all 23 CSU campuses connect with professionals and build networks beyond their own campus by attending these workshops and learning from professionals related to their field.

Nelson further explains how these career workshops not only target students from the film and media industry but also students majoring in hospitality and tourism, business and accounting. She said Disney, among other corporations, need a variety of talented professionals to contribute to the company’s needs.

“[Disney] is just a company. They need people to do P.R., marketing, accounting. They need people to distribute [content]. They need people who do sales, who do catering, hospitality and all those other things,” Nelson said. “In that end, our mission is even bigger because we have to market this. We have programs that help students like you and faculty but we also try to market to the entertainment arts and media industries to say ‘hey look at our students’.”

The college of Business and Career Services & Professional Development will also host a LinkedIn workshop at 1 p.m. in the business building to help students learn about networking, informational interviewing, and how to connect with professionals on LinkedIn.

Students interested in participating need to rsvp at the links below:


Get Connected and LinkedIn (Hosted by College of Business Career Services & Professional Development: