Gators win it all


Photo curtesy of the SF State Athletic Department.

For the first time in SF State’s track and field program history they won the conference championship.

The Gators had 11 first-place finishers over the weekend, coming from the 8th-ranked position to do so. With time spent during the season as the top-ranked team in the country, the conference title was well within reach.

Head coach Kendra Reimer reflected on the season’s success.

“For the past four years we have executed a plan on winning the conference championship and have been relentless in its pursuit,” said Reimer.

Reimer also shared how she felt the staff has been as a team and how their selfless mentality won them the gold.

“Our coaching staff created an amazing team culture that values hard work, dedication and a team-first mentality,” said Reimer.

This is the second California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) championship for SF State. The only other came in 2010 when the women’s soccer team won it.

When compared to the rest of the competition, Reimer gives her girls the comparison they deserve.

“Our student-athletes out work the competition and their tenacity and grit cease to amaze me,” said Reimer.

Reimer will win her second straight Coach of the Year award after this record-breaking season.