Fine Arts Museum announces free admission for SF residents


The de Young and Legion of Honor museums will be free for San Francisco residents starting April 6.

San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to live in the nation, and for many people living in the city the chance to visit a Fine Arts Museum isn’t possible due to the cost. 

In a press release, Fine Arts Museums director Thomas Campbell said providing access is key in removing barriers for residents to enrich their lives with art.

This will be a year-long pilot program, the goal is to hopefully expand the program to the entire Bay Area and California.

“In this time of rising costs, we are looking back to our roots and recommitting to our most loyal audience: the residents of San Francisco,” Campbell wrote. “We must serve the city that we represent.”

SF State student and Marketing major Presley Shum, 18, says that she heard about the possibility of this and will definitely be going to visit the museums.

“I am super excited,” Shum said. “I’ve always loved going to museums.”

Local residents aren’t the only ones who think this is a good idea, individuals visiting the city think that this is a great way to expand access.

Gabrielle Rougeaux is a tourist, who now lives in the Bay Area she thinks that every museum should consider this alternative for residents.

“I think culture is everything…I think the easier access you have to culture the more open minded you can become,”Rougeaux said.

The Fine Arts Museum will be partnering with the Asian Art Museum which also offers free admission the first Sunday of the month.