A CSU police car waits outside the J. Paul Leonard Library, Sept. 28, 2021. Last night, UPD became aware of a non-specific threat of armed violence on campus, which was posted on social media and has since been deleted. (Paris Galarza / Golden Gate Xpress) (Paris Galarza)
A CSU police car waits outside the J. Paul Leonard Library, Sept. 28, 2021. Last night, UPD became aware of a non-specific threat of armed violence on campus, which was posted on social media and has since been deleted. (Paris Galarza / Golden Gate Xpress)

Paris Galarza

Arrest made by UPD following threats made on social media

Campus police have made an arrest in investigation of unspecified threats made via Instagram

September 28, 2021

UPDATE 2:45 p.m.

In an interview with Xpress, SF State President Lynn Mahoney said that as the investigation was unfolding, she was in direct contact with UPD Chief of Police Reginald Parson, both around 2 a.m. and 7 a.m.

“The question I asked [Parson] was, did he know enough to say it was safe to open? And the answer was no,” Mahoney said.

The move to re-open campus was only made after Mahoney again communicated with Parson around noon, when he made the call that the campus was under no immediate threat.

Mahoney was not aware of the arrest made in connection to the threats until a press conference with local media and California State University Chancellor Joseph I. Castro this afternoon. Castro was scheduled to visit the campus in person today, but due to the threat, his visit remained virtual.

“In this instance, I think our community did exactly what it needed to do. See something, say something,” said Mahoney. “This went as well as this kind of a thing could.”

Reporting done by Albert Serna Jr.

UPDATE: 1:03 p.m.

At approximately 12:55 p.m. an alert was sent out by SF State officials that notified the campus community that an arrest was made in relation to the ongoing investigation.

“At this time the investigation is continuing, but we do not believe there are any ongoing threats to the SF State campus or our community.”

Campus will reopen and activities will resume on Wednesday, September 29. Residential students are clear to leave the residential area, according to SF State’s Twitter update.

UPDATE: 8:45 a.m.

At approximately 7:58 a.m. an alert was sent out to the college community via text, call and email cancelling all classes for the day, said UPD dispatcher who only identified themselves as Robbie.

“San Francisco State University Police continue their investigation of an anonymous, non-specific threat,” said an email sent by the university at 8:03 a.m. “All in-person instruction and services for Tuesday, Sept. 28 should move to remote if possible.”

The email noted that all remote instruction should continue as planned, and the university buildings would remain closed.

CSU Chancellor Dr. Joseph I. Castro was scheduled to hold an open forum at SF State, however because of the ongoing threat the event will be live streamed.

All inquiries by Xpress have been directed to the office of Strategic Marketing and Communications.

UPDATE: 3:05 a.m.

UPD sent out a message to the campus community announcing that in-person courses are delayed until 10 a.m., as it continues its investigation. Students living on campus are advised to remain in their residences. Remote instruction is to carry on as usual.

University police acknowledged it was investigating the posts of an anonymous user on an SF State confessions page Monday night after they claimed they were armed on campus.

A user with the handle @bsnsnsnsnsnnn000 posted, “On campus armed…see y’all tomorrow.”

The comments were deleted shortly after, however another anonymous account with the user @fuc.kdubai posted, “See you guys tomorrow” on the same Instagram page.

An SF State university police dispatcher said that campus police were aware of the posts and had officers investigating them. If they found that the threats on the Instagram page were credible, then they would send an alert to students.

She directed Xpress reporters to Dr. Jamilliah Moore, vice president of student affairs and enrollment management, for further details.

Screenshots were shared on Twitter and SF State discord accounts including the general discord and the general EGAY account.

A screen capture of comments on Instagram shared via Twitter.

“Not to worry everyone, but I just heard that there is an active shooter threat on campus tomorrow. UPD should hopefully be sending out an alert soon. Just letting everyone know so that you can be prepared if anything happens,” wrote Gayron, an EGAY discord member.

EGAY is a campus LGBTQ+ organization for members of the LGBTQ community and its allies that organizes events, holds discussion groups, and more at SF state, according to the SF State residential life website.

Other members of an SF State general discord channel discussed the credibility of the comments and the effect these posts had on students’ mental health.

“Hey so just as a general statement: regarding the threat, neither campus PD nor pro-staff have confirmed or resolved an investigation regarding the matter leaving nothing to be confirmed as of yet,” wrote user Donovan in the EGAY Discord.

“While I want everyone to feel aware I also want to caution against feeding emotional energy into potentially fake information. I want you all to consider your mental health first and foremost so please reach out to campus or other resources if needed. Stay safe!,” added Donovan.

Multiple users on the general discord channel claimed the comments were creating unnecessary panic amongst the public and others such as user Berry saying “Any threat should be taken seriously.”

Members of both discord channels declined to comment.

Despite previous communication from UPD Lieutenant Allen Klemme that dispatchers are able to speak to reporters in times of emergency, the dispatcher refused to give her name and answer any questions, referring Xpress reporters to Moore’s phone number.

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