Diego Garcia, an SF State sophomore, talks about what they did over spring break. (Sarah Bruno / Golden Gate Xpress) (Sarah Bruno)
Diego Garcia, an SF State sophomore, talks about what they did over spring break. (Sarah Bruno / Golden Gate Xpress)

Sarah Bruno

Xpress Yourself: What did students do over Spring Break?

March 30, 2022

Spring break at SF State is an opportunity for students to take a week off from academic life to relax and enjoy doing what they love. This year, SF State’s spring break was held from March 21 to March 25. With only 8 short weeks left in the semester, Spring Break signifies the halfway mark from the start of the Spring 2022 semester and summer break.

The staff at Golden Gate Xpress asked SF State students what they did during their spring break and their goals for the remainder of the Spring 2022 semester. This is what students had to say.


Diego Garcia, sophomore 0:27: I went on a surf trip down south, so I started in like Santa Barbara and then I stopped where my hometown is Ventura, and then made it all the way down to San Diego.

Maria Pedersen, grad student 0:37: I went to Monterey. Yeah. To watch sea otters.

Moe Htet, junior 0:42: For spring break, a majority I stayed here but at the start of Sunday we went to Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay on a little car road trip. So that was nice.

Cynthia Beall, freshmen 0:52: I spent a lot of time at home and I hung out with my friends that were also on spring break and I’m on the volleyball team so I rested a lot.

Ayrik Williams, senior 1:01: Relax, look at grad school, like requirements and go for walks. Because it was kind of nice for like the first couple days and then it got cold.

Anthony Makhmudov, sophomore 1:16: So I mostly worked. I’m a part time caregiver, but I also spent a lot of time with family and celebrating our cultural holidays

Diego Garcia, sophomore 1:30: Catch up in classes. I think that everybody’s goal is just to catch up. So. 

Maria Pedersen, grad student 1:36: I hope to finish all my classes with good grades and be happy about what I did.

Osmin Zuniga, senior 1:44: Well, by that time, that’d be my last semester, so my goal would probably just be to graduate with good grades.

Emily Vasquez, freshmen 1:52: Probably like better attendance, better academic, like, I don’t know, just being a better student honestly and like taking more advantage of the opportunities here at the school.

Ayrik Williams, senior 2:05: Graduate, good grades. I think that’s the number one.

Cynthia Beall, freshmen 2:13: I would say make more friends in my in person classes than I have now, because last semester I didn’t have as many, and familiarize myself more with the city.

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