15 Nov 2017

Cell phones: Give yourself a break from the screens

I hate cell phones. Always have and always will. Unfortunately, like many of my peers, my day-to-day life requires one at all times. My major requires me to stay in

24 Oct 2017

Alcohol poisoning: Do you really know the signs?

Imagine this: You’re a freshman at your first college party, you’re having your first drink, and, all of a sudden, someone at the party passes out. What’s your initial reaction?

11 Oct 2017

Birth Control: It is a right, not a privilege

On Friday, Oct. 6, the Trump administration rolled back an Obama-era rule that required employers to provide their employees with birth control coverage without co-payments. This was just another stepping

30 Aug 2017

SF State student charged with battery on officer at Berkeley rally

***additional reporting by Brian Neumann*** An SF State Student was charged with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest Tuesday afternoon in connection with this weekend’s events in Berkeley.

29 Aug 2017

Thousands gather at Berkeley to protest planned right-wing rally

***Additional reporting by Ian Williams*** BERKELEY, Calif. —  Thousands gathered at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park Sunday morning in response to an alt-right rally causing an uproar of

22 Apr 2017

Power outage leaves 90,000 San Francisco residents without power

A power substation at Pacific Gas & Electric prompted an outage in San Francisco, shutting down traffic lights, cable cars, Muni service and BART on Friday leaving around 90,000 utility

16 Apr 2017

Tax March protesters demand to see Trump’s tax returns

Thousands of marchers across the U.S. took to the streets demanding Trump release his tax returns to reveal business ties and potential conflicts of interest. Marches took place in nearly

15 Apr 2017

Tax marchers demand Trump transparency

Thousands of protesters filled Civic Center Plaza Saturday afternoon, joining cities nationwide, to demand President Trump release his tax returns. Presidents are not required by law to release their tax

08 Apr 2017

SF Women Against Rape holds annual walk to raise awareness

San Francisco Women Against Rape held their 12th annual walk on April 8 at the Women’s Building to raise awareness about sexual assault and violence against women. According to SFWAR,

22 Mar 2017

Tuition hike approved by CSU Board of Trustees

Amid protests Wednesday, the California State University system’s governing board voted 11-8 to raise tuition at its 23 campuses – the first raise in six years. Tuition will increase by

09 Mar 2017

Bay Area activists attend “A Day Without Women” at SF City Hall

Activists gathered at San Francisco City Hall as the rally for “A Day Without Woman” kicked off on Wednesday. Women and male allies came to stand up and show solidarity

08 Mar 2017

Women’s March organization holds Day Without Women rally

The San Francisco Women’s March organization will be holding a Day Without a Woman rally on Wednesday at San Francisco City Hall from 11 a.m. to noon, where the group

08 Mar 2017

Can couples with different political views survive?

I have been dating my partner for four years now. I truly believe our relationship has lasted with the 200-mile distance standing between us due to the respect we have

22 Feb 2017

Students get a crash course on polyamory at EROS event

Students got the chance last week to have an open dialogue about polyamorous relationships. Due to high demand, SF State’s Education and Referral Organization for Sexuality, a sex-positive safe space

22 Feb 2017

Fear of the immigration ban causes excess stress to students

Vianney Casas was at home waiting for a text from her mom to say she had successfully entered the U.S. The reply she got wasn’t the happy news she was