18 May 2016

Grad ticket scarcity creates student-run black market

*Students’ names have been changed to preserve confidentially. The “SFSU Class of 2016” Facebook group page has transformed into a black market for the buying and selling of graduation tickets.

19 Apr 2016

Annual Greenhouse Theatre Festival brings scripts to life

An awakened puppet, a lovable narcissist, a crippled coal miner and online lovers – these are just a few characters that will soon jump from page to stage at the

09 Feb 2016

EROS provides safe space for sexual health education

Located on the terrace level of the Cesar Chavez Student Center, the Educational and Referral Organization for Sexuality provides a safe space for students. Inside their quaint office space, free

26 Jan 2016

Winter break leaves campus desolate

Students have settled back onto campus after the long hiatus of winter break as reuniting smiles, crowded walkways and lingering lines in the bookstore signify the beginning of the spring semester. However, just

08 Dec 2015

Pouring rights agreement falls flat as students rise up

President Leslie E. Wong’s refusal to sign a pouring rights agreement Nov. 19 drew critical interest from news organizations across the Bay Area, but also brought up the question of

10 Nov 2015

CREAM joins other interactive Food Services at Stonestown

CREAM’s make-it-yourself model makes it possible to assemble hundreds of ice cream and cookie combinations to satisfy any sweet tooth. With a kiosk soon to open in the center of

03 Nov 2015

Art professor takes stand against BART censorship

Bustling commuters escalated out of the underground BART station at 16th and Mission streets to come face to face with four intricately woven tapestries taped to the plaza’s walls. Some continued walking,

21 Oct 2015

Freshman artist illustrates social inequality

Odessa Blackmore, an 18-year-old freshman at SF State, said she was walking down Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland early one summer morning when she learned that a black man had been shot

14 Oct 2015

Anti-Eviction mapping project blueprints displacement

As San Francisco’s housing crisis continues to snowball, the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project has set out to illustrate the effect of eviction through visual storytelling. The mapping project was featured at the

26 Sep 2015

Empowerment of Middle Eastern women captured in photography showcase

Onlookers gazed deeply into the eyes of a Middle Eastern woman, a vividly tattooed arm peeking out from under her finely detailed garment. Forty-three other images joined the photograph, decorating the

22 Sep 2015

KSFS embraces the chaos of a new semester

The walls of the KSFS radio station at SF State are covered with graffiti, a long-standing tradition carried on by students looking to make their mark. A large sign showcasing their slogan,

11 Sep 2015

Global Museum reopening delayed until spring

The SF State community will have to wait a little bit longer to see artifacts from around the world at the new Global Museum in the Fine Arts Building on

02 Sep 2015

SF State alumnus curates sci-fi exhibit on campus

[slideshow_deploy id=’67100′] Colorful toy guns hung on the walls as bronze, animalistic masks stared at onlookers from across the room and detailed sculptures of futuristic planets dangled from the ceiling.  Eerie