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There are no winners in the GOP field

Darcy Fracolli

May 3, 2016

Tuesday night, Donald Trump won the Indiana primary, and Senator Ted Cruz suspended his presidential campaign. Across the country, the GOP elite mourned what they see as the loss of the general election and the muddying of...

San Francisco leads the way with new family leave bill

Darcy Fracolli

April 12, 2016

San Francisco’s new paid family leave law is a big step forward for advocates of the cause. New parents who have worked for a company for at least 180 days will now be entitled to six weeks of fully paid leave. This plan...

Berkeley scandals expose need for independent sexual harassment investigations

Darcy Fracolli

March 29, 2016

Students and faculty at colleges and universities have become all-too-familiar with the endless cycle of sexual harassment allegations at their institutions: Faculty or staff member is accused, faculty or staff member is foun...

One day per year isn’t enough to bridge the gender divide

Darcy Fracolli

March 8, 2016

SF State celebrated International Women’s Day on Tuesday by having a two-hour-long event in Malcolm X Plaza with music, sex education and spoken word and dance performances. Men cooked for women in a quaint reversal of stereotypical...

Students will suffer from Ethnic Studies financial woes

Darcy Fracolli

March 1, 2016

SF State has been in turmoil since it was announced last week that the historic College of Ethnic Studies would face budgetary restrictions in the coming fiscal year. Students and faculty presented President Leslie E. Wong with a l...

U.S. must stand against petty politicians

Darcy Fracolli

February 16, 2016

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died of a heart attack Saturday, and Republican senators wasted no time in letting the U.S. know that they would block any attempt by President Barack Obama to nominate a new justice. The...

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