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Secret love affairs: sexy or detrimental?

Eva Barragan

November 10, 2015

I've never dated a married man, but I imagine it feels a lot like dating someone who is in the closet. Coming into one's own sexuality can be a beautiful experience. "Coming out" is a time when you are first starting to welcome...

Sexual orientation more than just a label

Eva Barragan

May 13, 2015

Recently I discussed the concept of sexuality with one of my classmates and when she asked me to define my own sexual orientation, like many of my friends have done in the past, I did not have an answer for her. My reason for...

Mobile app finds gender-neutral bathrooms for nonconforming people

Eva Barragan

May 6, 2015

Click through the above image to see where gender-neutral bathrooms are located on campus.  Data collected from (Produced by Eva Barragan). Deciding which restroom to walk into isn’t normally thought of as difficult or confusing task...

Egg donation holds more value than just money

Eva Barragan

April 28, 2015

I always thought women who sold their eggs for money were only characters in Lifetime movies or weird 20-something college dropouts trying to make a quick buck. A few months ago, however, a friend of mine told me she was planning...

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