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Taiwanese alumni establish scholarship fund for SF State students

Guadalupe González

November 5, 2013

Taiwanese alumni have joined forces with SF State to bring more Taiwanese students to the University. The Taiwan chapter of the SF State Alumni Association has established a scholarship fund to encourage international students from th...

Arab Israeli citizen shares minority experience with SF State

Guadalupe González

October 29, 2013

In an underground conference room in the Cesar Chavez Student Center, a normally controversial man almost went unnoticed. At previous events where he has spoken, pro-Palestinian protestors have burst out in defiance, but Oct....

SF State hosts first suicide prevention conference

Guadalupe González

October 7, 2013

[HTML1] When Kevin Hines jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge 13 years ago, as he was falling toward the water, he realized he didn't want to die. Miraculously, he survived. He is one of 34 people recorded to have survived...

Product Design students build racecars

Guadalupe González

October 3, 2013

[HTML1] Design and Industry students built racecars for their first project of the semester. The materials used were a 16 inch sheet of metal, 20 feet of quarter-inch rod, and three in-line skates. The students in the class,...

SF State hosts national security panel

Guadalupe González

September 16, 2013

SF State will host a panel this Tuesday called “Civil Liberties and National Security in the Age of Big Data.” Three SF State professors will sit with an American Civil Liberties Union attorney and Daniel Ellsberg, the...

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