07 Dec 2013

Student organizations hold ‘State of Emergency’ rally in Malcolm X Plaza

[set_id=72157638420750273] A group of student organizations held a “State of Emergency” rally Thursday in Malcolm X Plaza. The students said they wanted to raise awareness of different proposed administrative decisions

05 Nov 2013

Cesar Chavez Student Center custodians concerned about auxiliary merger

The merging of the Cesar Chavez Student Center with the Associated Students, Inc. looms overhead leaving the custodians of the student center — and their benefits package — in limbo.

05 Nov 2013

Taiwanese alumni establish scholarship fund for SF State students

Taiwanese alumni have joined forces with SF State to bring more Taiwanese students to the University. The Taiwan chapter of the SF State Alumni Association has established a scholarship fund

29 Oct 2013

Arab Israeli citizen shares minority experience with SF State

In an underground conference room in the Cesar Chavez Student Center, a normally controversial man almost went unnoticed. At previous events where he has spoken, pro-Palestinian protestors have burst out

22 Oct 2013

SF State has highest graduation rate of former foster youth in state

Leilani Vo grew up in foster care and wanted a different life than that of her peers who left the system. So she made a decision almost no other foster child

07 Oct 2013

SF State hosts first suicide prevention conference

[HTML1] When Kevin Hines jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge 13 years ago, as he was falling toward the water, he realized he didn’t want to die. Miraculously, he survived.

03 Oct 2013

Product Design students build racecars

[HTML1] Design and Industry students built racecars for their first project of the semester. The materials used were a 16 inch sheet of metal, 20 feet of quarter-inch rod, and three

24 Sep 2013

Driver’s licenses may be legalized for California undocumented immigrants

When Jackeline Monroy was in high school, a cop pulled over her father for his burnt out headlight. The car was then impounded because he didn’t have a driver’s license,

23 Sep 2013

La Raza celebrates Latino independence days

Vibrant banners and flags of Latin American countries adorned the stage in Malcolm X Plaza, Wednesday, as La Raza Student Organization celebrated its Festival de las Americas, an annual event in honor

19 Sep 2013

Pentagon Papers’ Daniel Ellsberg speaks on campus

It was standing room only Tuesday in Humanities 587 as SF State’s history department celebrated Constitution Day by hosting a panel about government surveillance and citizens’ constitutional rights featuring Daniel Ellsberg, the

17 Sep 2013

Parking structure upgrades to accept credit cards

Students still need to circle the multiple levels of the parking structure at SF State, but now no longer need to be worried about having exact change to pay. Lot

16 Sep 2013

SF State hosts national security panel

SF State will host a panel this Tuesday called “Civil Liberties and National Security in the Age of Big Data.” Three SF State professors will sit with an American Civil

16 Sep 2013

ASI hosts town hall to explain programs and funding

The Associated Students, Inc. is inviting all SF State students to participate in a town hall meeting in The Depot Wednesday, Sept. 18 at noon to learn what ASI does

05 Sep 2013

Textbook program provides options for students

Cash-strapped students no longer have to struggle to pay for the textbooks at SF State this semester because Project Connect has the hook-up. The campus group ran by Associated Students,

16 May 2013

Cellphone theft afflicts San Francisco

Celina Curato bitterly remembers the times her phones have been stolen. Once at a club and another on the bus on her way home from SF State. “It was super

09 May 2013

LGBTQ community converges with immigration reform movement

Rosario Castro had to come out twice in her life. The first time, she came out as a lesbian when she was 15. Nine years later she came out of the

18 Apr 2013

New SF proposal would limit tobacco licenses in city

Cigarettes might be more difficult to buy in some neighborhoods if a youth influence organization gets their way. Youth Leadership Institute, an organization in the field of youth development which

10 Apr 2013

SF to roll out bike share system

Commuting through San Francisco usually entails searching for parking or waiting long hours for a bus, but those looking for a quick and healthy way to get around the city

06 Apr 2013

City looks to reduce homeless congregations in Castro District

San Francisco continues to struggle with its homeless, this time in the Castro, where the homeless have been congregating in plazas to the dismay of some residents. Community leaders in

14 Mar 2013

Muralist community provides tours of iconic SF art

There are many ways to immerse yourself in the artistic culture of San Francisco but few of them give you a walking tour of that culture led by the artists

07 Mar 2013

SFUSD may receive more funds for low-income students

In a city where more than 12 percent of its residents live under the poverty level, the San Francisco Unified School District stands to receive close to $4,000 more per

27 Feb 2013

Chinese New Year Parade draws thousands of spectators

[HTML1] Lions jumped, dragons danced, and bands marched in Chinatown this past weekend as thousands of people crowded the streets to watch what has been named one of the world’s

14 Feb 2013

College Labor connects students with paying gigs

When SF State sophomore Kevin Mendizabal was in dire need of a job last semester, two of his closest friends directed him to a website where he doesn’t have to