28 Feb 2018

Letter from the editor

Xpress, at its best, seeks out diversity in stories and celebrates exceptional individuals on campus –– an homage to San Francisco State University’s long-standing history of activism and advocacy. We

04 Oct 2017

Young activist gives voice to the voiceless through social media

Despite the heavy emotional toll, 21-year-old Chicana activist and poet Christabel Ramirez continues to navigate through the volatile political climate and her struggle of being the voice for the voiceless.

11 May 2017

CSU loses out on $325 million in funding; tuition increase inevitable

Hundreds of thousands of students, faculty and staff will be put at a disadvantage after Gov. Jerry Brown’s May revision of the state budget for this upcoming year falls short

02 May 2017

The Paleta Man: symbol of unity at ‘A Day Without Immigrants’ rally

At the foot of San Francisco City Hall, “A Day Without Immigrants” marchers, activists and allies rallied around an unconventional symbol for immigrant worker rights: the paleta man. Just before

10 Apr 2017

School shooting in San Bernardino

A school shooting in San Bernardino Monday ended with two adults and one student dead, confirmed San Bernardino police chief. The shooting took place a short distance away from the

07 Apr 2017

Trump responds to Syrian chemical weapons attack with 59 tomahawk missiles

President Trump launched airstrikes in Syria late Thursday evening in response to a chemical weapons attack allegedly ordered by the Syrian government on its own people. “It is in this

29 Mar 2017

SF State students wary of approved CSU tuition hike

Many SF State students are worried about the future and affordability of their education after the California State University system Board of Trustees approved a 5 percent tuition hike, despite

15 Mar 2017

Japanese Americans see history repeating itself

Seventy-five years after the issue of Executive Order 9066, Asian Americans fear the rhetoric that led to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II is experiencing a revival,

08 Mar 2017

City Hall plans to create transgender district

Supervisor Jane Kim stood on the steps of City Hall in early February and introduced legislation to transform a six-block stretch in the San Francisco Tenderloin into the nation’s first

16 Feb 2017

San Francisco businesses stand with “A Day Without Immigrants” strike

Businesses all over San Francisco are showing support for their immigrant workforce by closing their doors in participation of “A Day Without Immigrants.” The protest follows President Donald Trump’s pledge

28 Jan 2017

SF State alumna arrested for White House “RESIST” banner

Environmental activists who hung the “RESIST” banner visible above the White House early Wednesday morning were released from police custody Thursday evening. Demonstrators climbed a 270-foot crane at the construction