09 Nov 2016

Trump’s scandals are more terrifying than Hillary’s

When I visited my family this past weekend, mere days before the presidential election, the first thing my father asked me was whether I was still voting for the “criminal.”

17 Oct 2016

White nationalist group no-show at University rally

A news helicopter hovered over Malcolm X Plaza today as students and faculty gathered for a planned rally by a European heritage advocacy organization, but the group unexpectedly changed the

23 Aug 2016

I skipped dorm life and I’m glad I did

I’ve always considered myself to be a private person. This meant that when it finally came time to move away from home after high school and be on my own,

10 May 2016

Facebook’s bias damages news credibility

A report released Monday morning by Gizmodo caused an uproar among GOP supporters after a former Facebook employee revealed the company’s influential “trending topics” section may have a hidden agenda.

29 Mar 2016

SF State professor’s “zombie bee” research provides insight into strange phenomenon

On one of his early morning walks to his campus office, professor John Hafernik gazed down and stumbled upon something perplexing – a small discovery that would lead to one

15 Mar 2016

El Niño isn’t a cure for California’s drought

San Francisco recently experienced nearly two straight weeks of rainy weather thanks to El Niño, which was enough to make some people forget about one of the largest issues still facing

26 Jan 2016

Hoverboards on campus are cause for concern

On my daily trudges across campus between classes, I don’t usually stop to concern myself with other people’s activities. Lately, however, I’ve been noticing people riding peculiar new devices called “hoverboards,”