20 May 2013

Psychology graduates get alternative ceremony

The drama of the psychology department graduation celebration is finally at a close: Student Lea Lunden’s low cost alternative ceremony for psychology graduates is now nearly fully funded, helped along by

14 May 2013

Bangladesh safety monitor trumpets workers rights at SF State

The collapse of a Bangladeshi garment factory building, which produced American and European retail clothing, reverberated around the world. The tragedy left 1127 low-wage workers dead and thousands injured caused

08 May 2013

Freshman tragically dies after frat party

A woman dressed in red robes raised an urn of lit incense up to the sky to guide the young man’s spirit into the afterlife. Buddhist nuns chanted prayers as

24 Apr 2013

Students decry SF State's delayed bomb threat warning

In the shadow of the Boston Marathon bombing, the nation grieves and stands at high alert. Amidst the fear of terrorism, a smaller drama played out at SF State Monday,

18 Apr 2013

SF State acclaims student leaders

You know those lazy students you sometimes see in class — the ones that barely ever show up, don’t contribute to groupwork and generally are a pain in the neck?

16 Apr 2013

Beloved disability activist, professor remembered at reception

Friends, colleagues and loved ones celebrated disability activist and SF State professor Paul Longmore’s life and works at the University’s downtown campus in a series of speeches titled “Mischievous Entanglements:

09 Apr 2013

High cost graduation tickets yield harsh responses, talk of change

Three of the four years of her college career, Lea Lunden worked anywhere from 25 to 40 hours a week as a server while pursuing her dream of being a

07 Apr 2013

Graduation ceremony cost elicits student disapproval

Expensive graduation ceremony fees are the newest topic of SF State intrigue in the Bay Area news scene after the San Francisco Chronicle broke the story April 1, that a

02 Apr 2013

New student group fosters Filipino men in developing identity

Editor’s Note: Though this article contains general details about a meeting in the Counseling and Psychological Services Department on campus, all meetings are confidential. None of the quotes that appear in

13 Mar 2013

Students face impaction; SF State solicits feedback

For SF State biology major Heather Smith, 33, a passion for health care was more than just a calling, it’s in her blood. “My mom was an emergency room clerk,”

03 Mar 2013

SFSU Confessions closing after rumors of school pressure

UPDATE March 5 The SFSU Confessions page which was scrolled and shared by thousands of SF State students shut down Sunday night, as the page administrator’s fear of legal battles

27 Feb 2013

SFSU Confessions marks new outlet for campus gossip

Editor’s note: Due to the possible punitive action SF State could take against the administrator of the “SFSU Confessions” page were his/her identity revealed, we have decided to keep the

19 Feb 2013

Student vigilante tries to recover stolen phone

An SF State student was allegedly mugged tonight on 19th Ave. as she waited for her bus home, losing her Android phone to two thieves in the latest electronics theft

19 Feb 2013

Creative Arts Building flood damages near $800,000, destroys priceless props

The alarm sounded from the Creative Arts Building in the dark hours between night and morning, as water pressure sensors built into the pipes alerted the Fire Department of a

14 Feb 2013

SF State alum launches smartphone rewards app

Hot out of SF State, business major graduate Michael Perry entered the world of Silicon Valley with fire and passion, and a plan for a simple mobile phone app that

05 Feb 2013

BREAKING: Save CCSF coalition attempts to sway attention toward City College peril

Activism is in the air at SF State, as a group of students gathered in the Ethnic Studies Hall earlier this evening to brainstorm ways to save their sister school,

05 Feb 2013

CCSF accreditation requirements put students on edge

*See infographic here City College of San Francisco student Mireya Leon graduated from high school only a few months ago, but she already has a dream: Transferring to SF State

28 Jan 2013

PODCAST: Long-awaited Queer Resource Center excites LGBTQ community

Cassidy Barrington calls the Inland Empire the “bible belt” of California. Growing up there she first started to explore her sexuality and her queer identity by joining her high school’s