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Yoga instructor who taught his first class in jail will retire after 49 years

Julia Middlemiss

May 23, 2014

Yoga instructor Larry “Lar” Caughlan will roll up his mat for a six-month hiatus after 49 years spent as a student and teacher at SF State. “It’s amazing to have such a long run in the same place because I would have...

New app aims at campus, turning students into their own cashier

Julia Middlemiss

May 21, 2014

Being in the hub of the tech industry, SF State is always looking for ways to improve student life on campus with new technology. “Overall, SF State is an exciting campus that is set up really well for mobile ordering,” said ...

Bay Area celebrates 20 years of campus Malcolm X mural

Julia Middlemiss

May 6, 2014

May Day marked the 20th Annual Malcolm X Mural Celebration for SF State, while students and Greek life from around the Bay Area joined together to honor the mural’s creation. According to the Cesar Chavez Student Center, th...

News isn’t the place for celebrity gossip

Julia Middlemiss

February 22, 2014

With the era of ever-expanding technology among us, media outlets are everywhere we look. They continue to feed us more information, whether we want it or not. However, with great power comes great responsibility and those with...

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