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PG&E officially at fault for San Bruno explosion that killed eight

Jennifer Terman

September 13, 2011

The National Transportation Safety Board released an accident report that blames Pacific Gas and Electric for the San Bruno fire that resulted in death, injury and destruction last September. "Our investigation revealed that for years, PG and E exploited weaknesses in a lax system of oversight," said NTSB Chairman Deborah A.P. He...

BART protesters strike Civic Center for the third time, promise to return

Jennifer Terman

August 30, 2011

Nearly 50 protesters swarmed around Civic Center BART station and proceeded to walk up Market St. to Powell, Montgomery, and Embarcadero stations between 5 and 7 p.m. Monday, marking the third organized BART protest in what may be a weekly occurrence until the demands of the protest group Anonymous ...

East LA native works to achieve SF State degree

Jennifer Terman

May 14, 2011

East Los Angeles, with its graffiti-lined streets cluttered with cars in its high afternoon sun, known to be dangerous at nightfall, created a rough environment growing up for liberal studies major Edith Ramirez. But from a young age...

City middle schoolers given chance for higher education

Jennifer Terman

May 10, 2011

With increasing tuition costs and a difficult job market, the prospect of going to college is a challenge unlike ever before. But SF Promise, a group that aims to ease the difficulty by placing middle school students on the college...

Birther movement 'Trumped' by presidential humor

Jennifer Terman

May 10, 2011

Political leaders are not always known for having the best moments in speech-making history — yes we know you didn’t have sexual relations with that woman, Mr. Clinton, and yes thank you Dan Quayle for letting us know that...

Pedicabs offers job opportunities to students

Jennifer Terman

May 3, 2011

As classes end and summer approaches, San Francisco will offer some unusual opportunities for job-seeking students. One such opportunity is being an unofficial mobile tour guide as a pedicab driver. Pedicabs, bicycles attached...

Interactive video game museum may soon open doors

Jennifer Terman

April 27, 2011

Dinosaur bones, prehistoric tools and paintings fill museums around the world, but now those artifacts may have to make way for a new medium. The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment project is attempting to raise funds and secure a location in San Francisco to display interact...

Students with disabilities must rely on others in emergency evacuation

Jennifer Terman

April 19, 2011

While everyone else is rushing out of a campus building during a drill or an evacuation, students with disabilities are often left behind, waiting for extra assistance from emergency personnel or volunteers. Students with disabilities...

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