12 Dec 2013

Six-year degrees become the norm, educational overhaul necessary

While at four-year academic institutions, many students are finding themselves pursuing six-year degrees. Some, even eight-year degrees. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in four years has become a rarity, to the

03 Dec 2013

‘Tis the season to be horny

Drawn by Kirstie Haruta As the end of the year approaches, when summer is but a distant memory, people tend to find themselves surrounded by couples (or in a relationship

05 Nov 2013

Modern statistics prove anyone can be a ‘slut’

While not quite in the double digits, the number of people I’ve slept with is relatively high for my age and gender. My name is Kristen Martz and I’m a

07 Oct 2013

Xpress staffer reflects on losing mother to breast cancer

At age 35, my mother was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. I was eight. I vaguely remember her losing her hair while getting more ill and weak with chemo

27 May 2013

SF State alumni and student bands play for charity

While some bands use their shows to earn money for their own future endeavors, others choose a different path: one of charity. Recently, a trend has risen where bands connect

15 May 2013

SEPAL discovers most effective study habits

From all-nighters to intense cramming sessions, many students will go to extreme lengths to get that much desired grade. While these habits may get the quick grade (if successful), there

23 Apr 2013

Vocal performance student discovers lost Filipino love songs

Standing at a mere 5-foot-3, 22-year-old Rachel Larsen is packed with passion and —  surprisingly — one of the biggest voices you’ve ever heard. As a graduating senior this May,

19 Mar 2013

The Bay Bridge becomes canvas for massive light sculpture

Billed as the largest light sculpture in the world, The Bay Lights officially illuminated over the San Francisco Bay two weeks ago, bringing a bright new addition to the city’s

13 Mar 2013

SF State's guide to St. Patrick's Day events

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here again and the events are endless. Since the early 1800s, San Francisco has bathed itself in green clothing and pints of Guinness to celebrate this

26 Feb 2013

Before the Brave joins Noise Pop Festival lineup, plays Depot

Philosophy major Kyle Teese finishes a day of classes, hops on his bike, and rides out to the Mission to practice with his band. Though many students are members of

19 Feb 2013

'Humans vs. Zombies' game infests SF State

The zombie virus has recently infected pop culture and has since successfully spread to SF State. From comic books to video games, students can’t seem to get enough of the

16 Feb 2013

Music alumna finds niche in teaching, performing

Alexandra Sessler has just finished a day at the office teaching students and, while most working people are heading home for the night, she is now rushing to her nighttime

04 Feb 2013

SF Beer Week expands to record-setting numbers

With more than 80 styles of beer available, the craft beer market is stronger than ever and slowly stealing wine’s spotlight in the food-pairing world. “Beer has just as much

27 Jan 2013

Bay Area death metal drummer beats cancer, rebounds as touring member

Andrew Baird, drummer of a local death metal band Fallujah, was diagnosed with cancer a year ago at age 21. Almost instantly, the daily worries of the average young adult