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Vegans, you aren’t going to save the world

Kerasa Dimitrios Tsokas

December 10, 2019

From Burger King’s Impossible Whopper to almond and soy milk at Starbucks, veganism takes over the food scene.  At its core, veganism is a diet that doesn’t rely on the consumption of animals or their byproducts....

The double standards behind nudes

Kerasa Dimitrios Tsokas

November 12, 2019

Imagine sending your significant other a very intimate picture of your body. But your relationship doesn’t work out so you eventually break up. It has been a year since the split and suddenly you see those same intimate pic...

The necessity of active shooter safety drills on campus

Kerasa Dimitrios Tsokas

November 5, 2019

Oct. 22, a 17-year-old student who attended Ridgway High School in Santa Rosa opened fire on another student. While police said this was an “isolated act of violence,” this incident raises an important conversation — school shootings.  According to EverytownResearch, California has ...

Colleges take a drastic toll on mental health

Kerasa Dimitrios Tsokas

October 29, 2019

If you have depression, you are not alone.  Many students entering college think, “finally, now I don’t have to go to class all the time.” At least that’s what I thought. I soon found out that attendance is for the most part mandat...

Oakland A’s in deadlock due to lawsuit

Kerasa Dimitrios Tsokas

October 15, 2019

Major League Baseball commissioner, Robert Manfred, told Oakland officials earlier this month that unless the city drops its lawsuit, the Oakland A’s might have to relocate. The lawsuit, issued on Sept. 27, prevents Alameda...

K-12 students should have Ethnic Studies

Kerasa Dimitrios Tsokas

October 7, 2019

An assembly bill, which would require undergraduate students to take a three-unit ethnic studies course for CSU curriculum, is working its way through the California Legislature. The bill, if passed, would go into effect beginning the 2020-21 academic year.    The strike which lasted for five mo...

Fraternities and sororities are appropriating Greek culture

Kerasa Dimitrios Tsokas

September 28, 2019

An article published on Sept. 5 by USA Today discussing fraternity deaths mentioned the word “Greek” 14 times.  When hazing gets mentioned in the news, somewhere further down the sentence there is bound to be the word ...

10 year anniversary of The Great British Baking Show

Kerasa Dimitrios Tsokas

September 20, 2019

The Great British Baking Show, a U.K.-based baking competition series, celebrates its 10th anniversary with the exciting return of the baker’s dozen. The show’s weekly episodes can be found exclusively on Netflix. Even...

68th annual Greek Food Festival to be in the Mission District

Kerasa Dimitrios Tsokas

September 16, 2019

The 68th annual Greek Food Festival, hosted by the Annunciation Cathedral, is happening on Friday, Sept. 20 and concludes on Sunday, Sept. 22  in the Mission District.  The festival will have Greek food like moussaka, gyros, spanakop...

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