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SF State fights student homelessness

Lea Fabro

May 9, 2018

A leadership panel on homelessness tackled barriers and solutions to student homelessness in the wake of recent tent encampment sweeps on the streets of San Francisco. Justin Wellins of the San Francisco Department of Public...

Mashouf sees increase in petty theft

Lea Fabro

May 2, 2018

Mashouf Wellness Center experienced 10 petty thefts, which accounted for at least 60 percent of the total petty theft incidents on campus in the past 60 days. According to the University Police Department crime log, petty the...

Gig economy makes filing taxes for students complicated

Lea Fabro

March 1, 2018

Many students working in the “gig” economy struggle during the tax filing season due to lack of knowledge regarding their obligations and deductions. “Gig” economy jobs include occupations that are not permanent such as Uber, ...

Untouchable portrays viewpoints on racism and white privilege

Lea Fabro

December 15, 2017

With just the right amount of angst and passion, Eminem’s Untouchable details the two sides of racial injustice. The first two verses of the song confront the criminalization of the African-American culture, a practice that w...

Campus-wide repairs caused hot water shut-down

Lea Fabro

December 13, 2017

Water line repairs on campus caused an emergency hot water shut down affecting Mashouf Wellness Center on Nov. 14 and the Vista room on Nov. 17. University facilities services sent the wellness center an email on Nov. 14 stati...

More LGBTQ+ visibility can lower stigmas

Lea Fabro

December 6, 2017

From the legalization of same sex marriage to the inception of all-gender public restrooms, this nation has made some remarkable progress when it comes to accepting and supporting LGBTQ+ individuals as members of society. Howev...

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