15 Dec 2016

Storm causes flood warnings and transportation delays

Relentless rainfall and strong wind caused flood warnings and public transportation delays across San Francisco on Thursday. A flood advisory was issued by the National Weather Service for San Francisco

14 Dec 2016

English-only is the wrong choice

I learned English at the age of 8 after spending hours watching cartoons; acquiring the language came easy at that age. Since then I’ve had mastery over both Spanish and

13 Dec 2016

Threatened creative spaces are a haven for underrepresented artists

One of the enduring thoughts  I will take away from this semester is that art is not only a powerful vessel of self-expression, but a tool of representation for a

09 Dec 2016

Campus group sells donuts to raise dough for the homeless

With boxes of Krispy Kreme Donuts to appeal to morning commuter students making their way to campus, the Political Science Student Association asked for donations for the homeless. On a

02 Dec 2016

Bay Area communities are chronicled in new exhibit

San Francisco and the Bay Area has been a vital center for many social justice, counterculture and progressive movements. The exhibition “We’ve Been Here,” showcases how so many of the

01 Dec 2016

Donation brings new perspective to annual exhibition

The first display upon entering the 29th Annual Stillwell Student Exhibition is of a set of letters and drawings exchanged by San Francisco artist Leo Stillwell and his closest friend

11 Nov 2016

Design Gallery displays collection of revolutionary newspapers

A series of evocative underground newspapers from the ‘60s and ‘70s were artistically arranged in the Design Gallery of SF State’s Fine Arts Building room, a collection shared by Black

02 Nov 2016

Awareness raised around doubly undocumented status

What does it mean to be doubly undocumented? It’s a term many people may be unfamiliar with, but for Karen Mercado, the status of being doubly undocumented is one she

24 Oct 2016

Exhibition explores Pacific Islander narrative

A crowd gathered outside the Associated Student Art Gallery on Thursday evening anticipating the “Being Pacific” exhibition’s opening reception to commence. Each painting, photograph and artifact within the gallery related

12 Oct 2016

Depot hosts fall fiesta

Students huddled together in the corner of the vast space talking and laughing –– but not dancing –– as DJ Leydis played a mix of reggaeton and top 40 in

05 Oct 2016

Film explores Afro-Cuban history

Students and faculty filled the Richard Oakes Multicultural Conference room on Thursday for a film screening that shared a personal look into Afro-Cuban history and culture. Guest filmmaker, Gloria Rolando

27 Sep 2016

Colombia is not “Narcos”

[media-credit name=’Still from “Narcos” courtesy of Netflix ‘ align=”alignnone” width=”800″][/media-credit] Sometimes I hesitate to tell people that I’m from Colombia, because whenever I do it’s usually met with ignorance. Either

18 Sep 2016

New gallery displays art works by 10 alumni, 10 years in the making

The polished work of alumni from the Department of Design and Industry debuted in the new Design Gallery’s inaugural exhibition on Thursday. The vast, open space of the gallery gave

31 Aug 2016

Creativity flows at The Depot art social

Students gathered at The Depot on Thursday evening with paint brushes in hand and turned white canvasses into an explosion of color for SF State’s first Art Social: Paint our