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Attention Deficit Disorder: a reality for many, not a myth

Mike Bebernes

November 29, 2011

Sometimes I wonder if I myself have autism. My mom thinks I probably have dementia. You’d never hear anyone casually musing with self-diagnosis of serious mental disorders, unless that disorder is Attention Deficit Disorder. I...

Good credit still attainable even as a student

Mike Bebernes

October 17, 2011

Give yourself some credit. Actually, get yourself some credit. Credit seems like a concern for middle-aged adults with mortgages and car payments, but it’s something students should consider as well. It is never too early...

Women's soccer shocked by 4-0 loss to Cal State Stanislaus

Mike Bebernes

October 16, 2011

Cal State Stanislaus scored four goals in eight second-half minutes to hand the SF State women's soccer team a shocking 4-0 loss that spoiled the Gator's senior day Sunday at Cox field. “I am still honestly in shock about...

Educators create more jobs than big corporations

Mike Bebernes

October 11, 2011

All of a sudden rich people are getting credit for being “job creators.” The punditry argues that the wealthy should have money filtered their way so they can create employment for the rest of us. This notion is nonsense....

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