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Combining art, technology, and Lake Merced

Nena Farrell

May 21, 2014

Technology at SF State shows itself most prominently through design projects, business students creating the latest app and other companies coming to SF State. But some of the most interesting pieces turn out to be coming from ...

Heartbleed reminds us the Internet isn’t safe

Nena Farrell

April 15, 2014

Internet researchers discovered and announced April 7 the flaw called Heartbleed in OpenSSL. Heartbleed has caused a huge wave of panic about information online — the fact that it could have been able to get any kind of information from servers including passwords, credit ca...

Don’t get mad about bridge tolls

Nena Farrell

March 17, 2014

With only 11 percent of SF State students living on campus, it’s safe to say that some of the remaining 89 percent commute across the Golden Gate Bridge and would be affected by the raising of the toll. An increase of $1 h...

#XpressOscars live-tweeting recap

Nena Farrell

March 3, 2014

Your favorite editors followed the Oscars last night on Twitter, and the only guesses we had right we Frozen and vegans making great transvestites. Here's the best and the brightest below from our live-tweeting fest. [HTML1...

Xpress editors live-tweet #TheOscars2014

Nena Farrell

March 2, 2014

Are you watching The Oscars this lovely Sunday afternoon? Would you if you happened to have cable, or if you didn't have work? Do you hate The Oscars but secretly want to be up to date? Good news — the Golden Gate Xpress...

Celebrities provide break from hard news

Nena Farrell

February 25, 2014

What’s your news homepage look like? Probably a combination of tragedies in Ukraine and Syria, concerns about health care and celebrity news. Some don’t think that celebrity news fits on pages like Yahoo and USA Today — but they’re wrong. Celebrity news isn’t about self-indulgence; it’...

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