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Letter from the editor

Nik Wojcik

April 16, 2017

The SF State community experienced an especially trying past week. The surprising announcement and sudden cancellation of Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat’s speech Thursday stirred controversy and invoked emotional response among multit...

Day 9 in Trumpland

Nik Wojcik

January 29, 2017

Another three executive orders were signed by the president today, all of which are important in some way. But Saturday’s biggest story centered around the sudden and chaotic implementation of Trump’s refugee ban. Among...

Day 8 in Trumpland

Nik Wojcik

January 27, 2017

Extreme vetting: With yet another executive action signed on Friday, the new president has adopted some extreme measures to vet refugees seeking to enter the United States. CNN obtained a copy of the draft and reported tha...

Day 7 in Trumpland

Nik Wojcik

January 27, 2017

Voter fraud: Thursday began with the anticipation of a press conference to address the president’s recent obsession with voter fraud. Initial reports indicated that he would sign a directive ordering an investigation into w...

Day 6 in Trumpland

Nik Wojcik

January 25, 2017

It was a busy day for the new president as he began implementing changes that would be felt for many years to come. Immigration, border security and the wall: President Trump authorized the immediate planning and futu...

Nonprofits step up where Prop Q falls short

Nik Wojcik

December 7, 2016

When voters were asked to consider Proposition Q, it was billed as a “housing not tents” initiative. Now that it’s passed, the city and Department of Public Works are given license beginning in January to remove tents from ...

Faculty accuse SF State of breaching contracts

Nik Wojcik

November 25, 2016

What constitutes a legally binding contract? The answer to that question has several SF State faculty members at odds with University administration. An article published by Inside Higher Ed on Monday has exposed what seven professors are calling a breach of contract, and that number is quickly growing. It is common practice fo...

An open letter to all Americans

Nik Wojcik

November 16, 2016

Slinging derogatory terms around to describe political leanings has become commonplace in modern American discourse – neither the left-wing nor the alt-right are innocent in that. But one word you don’t hear in many of our...

First-time voters wade through the 2016 election

Nik Wojcik

November 8, 2016

In this historic election, first time voters will help decide whether California will legalize recreational marijuana and repeal the death penalty and whether our next president will be the first woman to hold the position or t...

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