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What my education failed to teach me

Roxanne Hernandez

December 6, 2017

Throughout my 17 consecutive years of education, I’ve gained both a passion for learning and huge distaste for the American education system. One of the many problems in this system I’ve encountered is the fact that I...

Hispanic: A label given to me by my Spanish oppressors

Roxanne Hernandez

October 4, 2017

The use of the terms Hispanic, Latina and Latino are becoming altered in today’s society because of their historical meanings and new gender identifications. Hispanic is a term that refers to people with origins in Spanish...

Kinesiology department makes controversial change

Roxanne Hernandez

April 26, 2017

The kinesiology department at SF State is changing their Graduation Writing Assessment  Requirement, commonly known as GWAR, class from Kin 330, Becoming a Kinesiologist, to Kin 384, Research Methods, for the Fall 2017 semester. ...

Fraternity to host Multicultural Aids Awareness Day in April

Roxanne Hernandez

March 15, 2017

For over two decades, Alpha Phi Omega has been doing its part to help educate people about HIV and AIDS. The fraternity is hosting its 21st annual Multicultural Aids Awareness Day, or MAAD, in the Malcolm X Plaza April 13 to help s...

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