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Golden Gate Xpress welcomes feedback from our readership and encourages participation in the form of commenting on our site. We seek to create an engaging, informative environment for our readers. To that end, we do maintain an actively-enforced commenting policy in order to facilitate a safe and civil online environment. Comments are read and moderated by the online managing staff, and commenters are expected to adhere to the following brief guidelines.

Golden Gate Xpress reserves the right to modify or delete comments that do not adhere to the guidelines.

Xpress will not tolerate comments that are:

  • Intended to belittle, hurt or attack other members of the Xpress online community, including reporters
  • Hateful or abusive
  • Threatening or intended to harass other members of the Xpress online community
  • Offensive or explicit, including name-calling
  • Spam

Every person who chooses to participate in the Xpress online community has the right to safely and respectfully express their opinion. Comments that impede on others’ ability to do so will be removed.

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Comment policy