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       Spring 2020 STAFF



Karamel NunezMartinez, Editor in Chief, [email protected]

Andrew Leal, Print Managing Editor,

Online Managing Editor, Alondra Gallardo, [email protected]

Kameron Hall, Social Media Editor, [email protected]

David Sjostedt, Multimedia Editor, [email protected]

Briana Battle, Art Director, [email protected]

Catherine Stites , City News Editor, [email protected]

Juan Carlos Lara, Campus News Editor, [email protected]

Kerasa Tsokas, Opinion Editor, [email protected]

Grady Duggan, Sports Editor, [email protected]

Felicia Hyde, Arts & Entertainment Editor, [email protected]

Shandana Qazi, Photo Editor, [email protected]


Noor Baig, [email protected]

Emily Cardenas, [email protected]

Diego Felix, [email protected]

Alonso Frias,  [email protected]

Jacquelyn Moreno, [email protected]

Whitney Papalii, [email protected]

Paisley Trent, [email protected]

Smit Parekh, [email protected]

Siobhan (Caitlin) Eagen, [email protected]

Pamela Estrada, [email protected]

Jocelyn Hernandez Gomez, [email protected]

Jazzmene Lizardo, [email protected]

Jeremy Julian, [email protected]

Matthew Macgugan, [email protected]

Shaylyn Martos, [email protected]

Cierra Quintana, [email protected]

William Reutter, [email protected]


Dyanna Calvario, [email protected]

Emily Curiel, [email protected]

Daniel Da Silveira, [email protected]

Saylor Nedelman, [email protected]

Maddison October, [email protected]

Sandy Scapra, [email protected]

James Wyatt, [email protected]


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