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Coming face-to-face with masturbation

Jessica Delatorre and Dimitri Bailey

May 9, 2018

SF State’s Education and Referral Organization for Sexuality, EROS, hosted an event that discussed the stigmas and health benefits that surrounded the subject of masturbation. The act of mastubation for some individuals is...

Career fair normalizes work in the sex industry

Kevin Vega

November 14, 2016

Dildos, pornography videos, self help sex books, goodie bags filled with condoms and lube lined the table at the entrance of the eighth annual Sexuality Career Fair. Hosted by the Education & Referral Organization for Sexua...

Penis size matters, but so do erogenous zones

Erica Linker

November 5, 2013

Graphic by Holly Nall It’s a question that has plagued the sexes for thousands of years since the first phallic images appeared: Does penis size matter? Depending on whom you ask you’ll get a flat out “Penis size is everything,” or you might hear...

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