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Letter to the editor

Aleksandra Serebrina

April 11, 2018

Like all Americans, I was horrified and angry about the Stoneman Douglas shooting. We all want to protect our schools but the focus on firearms will only lead to knee-jerk laws that criminalize and alienate millions of Americans,...

More gun control is necessary in trigger-happy America

Jordan Hunter

May 13, 2014

I believe in the United States Constitution. It has worked for more than 200 years, however, I also believe in gun control and common sense. It is hard to read the news and see a three-year-old child find his mother’s gun in her glove box and shoot himself in the head. This should not be happening. ...

The right to bear arms is essential to our lasting freedom

Andrew Cullen

May 13, 2014

Welcome to the United States, home of beer, cheeseburgers, free speech and lots of guns. We also have an entire system of laws that protects our right to enjoy all four of these things. Our founding fathers believed that a citiz...

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