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Olympics gather us all

Steven Luke

February 21, 2018

Every two years, something comes along that captures my attention and enthralls me – the Olympic games. I know I’m not alone. Each time the games come around, I have no difficulty finding people who are following along with the d...

Beyond psychology: professor coached Judo at Olympic level

Haley Brucato

March 30, 2014

David Matsumoto wasn’t interested in the sport of Judo when he first started at seven years old. But being the youngest of three boys, he was expected to follow in their footsteps when his time came. “In fact, I hated it for a number...

From Russia, without love: Why the Olympics have always been political

Bradley Focht

February 18, 2014

The Olympics have been and always will be a platform for political ideologies. With the Olympics in full swing, it would take a blind mole to miss the obvious: the games are more than just a stage for countries to show off t...

Politics don’t belong in the Olympic games

Michael Duran

February 18, 2014

Every four years, representatives from 88 nations gather in one location somewhere in the world to perform the art of athleticism. The Olympics are an event to shower athletes with medals that they have trained intensely to win. The...

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