The duties of the district attorney are to manage the prosecutor’s office, investigate alleged crimes in cooperation with law enforcement and file criminal charges or bring evidence before the Grand Jury. George Gascon is the current district attorney.

San Francisco District Attorney
Photo courtesy of George Gascon.

George Gascon, 57, is the current district attorney of San Francisco. Gascon intends to focus on improving neighborhood safety, reducing crime and protecting crime victims.

San Francisco District Attorney
Photo courtesy of Sharmin Bock.

Sharmin Bock, 48, is a veteran prosecutor of Iranian descent in Alameda County district attorney’s office. With her 22 years of experience, Bock hopes to curtail and prevent violent crime in San Francisco.

San Francisco District Attorney
Photo courtesy of Bill Fazio.

Bill Fazio, who ran for district attorney once before in 1995, is seeking the position once again. Fazio is currently a defense attorney in San Francisco. He intends to focus on prosecuting serious crimes, avoiding the death penalty and the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders.

San Francisco District Attorney
Photo courtesy of David Onek.

David Onek, former police commissioner and criminal justice expert, intends to forge partnerships between communities and law enforcement to make neighborhoods safer. Onek wants to completely reform and refocus the criminal justice system.

San Francisco District Attorney
Photo courtesy of Vu Trinh.

Vu Vuong Trinh is a former deputy public defender and currently is the Commissioner for the State Bar of California’s Criminal Law Advisory Commission. Trinh intends to improve current law enforcement, correct the criminal justice system and make courts cost efficient and open.

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  1. The best candidate for DA is veteran prosecutor Sharmin Bock, she has 22 years experience as a Deputy DA, a national reputation for her legal skills as well. She has been endorsed by Congressman Jackie Speir, Assemblywomen Fiona Ma, Emily’s list, the SF Democratic Central Comittee, SF Firefighters, SFPD Asian Police Officers Association. SF African American Democratic Club and numerous other community groups. She is an expert on issues that pertain toward trafficked women, and she’s in charge of the DNA related issues and cold case prosecutions for the District Attorney’s office, as well. She is the most qualified candidate ever to run for DA’s job. As a SFSU alumnist I am proud to be supporting Sharmin Bock as SF’s next DA!

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