Trump’s tweets on California fires disgrace to firefighters

President Donald Trump continues to cross the line on his Twitter account. After the news of the Camp Fire and Woolsey Fire broke, Trump took to Twitter to blame California and its poor “forest management skills.” “There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is ...

November 13, 2018

Jewish Studies department to hold lecture with Holocaust researcher

The Department of Jewish Studies at SF State has invited Holocaust researcher Jean-Marc Dreyfus to campus on Nov. 15, to discuss his research in studying the corpses of Holocaust victims. The event will be held in Humanities 415 at 3:30 p.m. Dreyfus is the winner of the 2018-2019 Center Research Fellowship at the USC Shoah ...

November 13, 2018

Car Accident on Lake Merced Blvd.

A man driving a black Prius crashed into a lamp post on Lake Merced Blvd at Font Blvd at 6:32 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 12. “Single car collision with injuries to be determined,” said UPD Officer Kelly who was organizing traffic after assisting the man into an ambulance. “But he’s being transported to a local ...

November 12, 2018


Gators show up to vote

Midterm elections have historically been particularly disappointing with regards to young voter turnout. But this year’s midterm turnout is far higher than typical, and SF State University student voters followed along with the trend. Students lined up all afternoon and into the night at the polling place on campus at the Seven Hills Conference Center. ...

November 11, 2018

Protestors put Trump on notice

Hundreds of Bay Area activists and politically concerned citizens rallied in front of San Francisco City Hall to proclaim that “Nobody is Above the Law” on Thursday Nov. 8. The residents joined citizens rallying under the same banner in Washington, New York, Boston and elsewhere in the nation to protest President Donald Trump’s appointment of ...

November 11, 2018

‘We still have a long way to go,’ say 1968 SF State activists

At a 50th anniversary commemoration of the historic 1968 SF State strike on campus on Nov. 9, former strikers said current students are overburdened by the cost of education and undereducated regarding their own history. A panel discussion organized by the College of Ethnic Students included former strikers, current students and legal advocates. They discussed ...

November 10, 2018

Democrats retake the House

Voters overwhelmingly supported the Democrats to take over majority in the House, ending an eight year reign in that branch of government for the GOP on Tuesday, Nov. 6. However the Republicans maintained control in the rest of government. The once-conservative House seats were filled by a diversity of candidates, many of them women, first-time ...

November 10, 2018



The Red Light Girl (Ep.2)

EPISODE 2: The misconceptions of Feminism The Red-Light Girl is an open space for people to express their thoughts about controversial topics without judgment. This podcast is dedicated to untangling all the hidden truths behind our day by day thoughts, actions and questions. Over the years, feminism has become this huge movement that not everyone ...

November 10, 2018

Local candidates await voting returns

Local candidates running for office in San Francisco and Oakland turn out to vote at their respective polling places on Election Day, Nov. 6, 2018. Xpress photographers also captured voting on-campus and at SF City Hall and sat in on watch parties at SF State showing Midterm election results. Oakland was also featured in the ...

November 6, 2018