San Francisco’s last gun shop, the High Bridge Arms, is scheduled to close later this month as a result of strict gun regulations in the city. According to The Guardian, gun dealers in San Francisco are required “to carry liability insurance, report inventory details and keep records of ammunition sales.” These regulations are in addition to the already strict state laws.

The Board of Supervisors passed a new city ordinance Tuesday, mandating the video recording of all gun and ammunition sales in San Francisco. It will also require gun dealers to keep specific records of ammunition sales and gun transfers, among other information, according to the ordinance’s text. Lastly, the recordings would be made available to law enforcement agencies.

San Francisco is taking the necessary preventative action by enforcing stricter gun control. These regulations are crucial barriers to ensure that San Francisco doesn’t succumb to the national threat of mass violence or become another pin in the latest map of our nation’s mass shootings.

A graph created by Slate clearly shows the emphatic correlation between gun control laws and lower rates of gun death. California’s laws were ranked the strongest in the U.S. Other states should take note.

For the small businesses and families that have lived in San Francisco, there is typically a real sense of loss in the community when a business goes under. The closing of San Francisco’s last gun shop is not one of those cases.

It’s hard to be opposed to the High Bridge Arms closure after the recent shooting at Umpqua Community College, where the shooter used firearms that he and members of his family legally purchased. It’s hard to be opposed to one less gun shop after a white supremacist killed nine people in a historically black church with a gun that he legally purchased because the examiner screwed up his background check. And it’s very, very hard to be sad about 1,000 fewer annual gun sales in San Francisco after the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, when the shooter used guns his mother legally obtained to slaughter 26 people, mostly children.

It’s hard to say when the rest of America will have bled enough to wake up, or if we’ll just drift unconscious from the cumulative blood loss, but in the meantime, San Francisco needs to protect itself.

10 thoughts on “Stringent gun regulations only way to stanch flow of blood”

  1. Why does those who push for stricter controls or oppose guns ignore the lack of criminal prosecution by district attorneys and judges?

    Existing penalties plea bargained away.

    Criminals with guns in many instances don’t have the book thrown at them. Back on the street after a short detention (slap on the hand justice)!

    News organizations ever so silent!

    Gun control is not crime control. Pass mandatory criminal control!

    If found using a firearm unlawfully….

    No reduced bail, no plea bargains, no reduced sentences, no early release from prison, and minimum state sentencing laws for crimes committed with a firearm.

    1. Exactly. Enforce the current laws. You could shut down every gun store within 500 miles of san Francisco and it wouldnt change the crime rates. Now that the last gun store is closed there, people will see that crime will not be impacted by this.

  2. Criminals don’t buy guns at gun stores. They steal them. stick gun control only affects honest people. It never stops the criminal element. The worst gun crimes in this country is located at the big cities that have the most strict gun control. When will the liberal morons finally figure it all.

  3. That was a rather poorly written article that any journalism professor would have given a D at best for.

  4. This will accomplish nothing why it is so hard for liberals to believe in the existence of evil people other then Republicans. As long as there is profit for crime criminals will countinue to kill and not do things the legal way ever.

  5. LOL these idiots aren’t going to stop anything, now people will just go to the surrounding areas to buy their weapons and ammo and giving their tax revenue to another town.

  6. Typical San Francisco government pushing symbolism over substance. It’s government by Kabuki Theater. All their new measures have accomplished or will ever accomplish is driving the last gun store out of the city. Not one life will be saved, not one crime prevented, ever.

  7. This article is hilarious..really. It reeks of stupidity and idealism from a group of people who do not own guns and fear guns. Stefan Sums it up rather nicely

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