09 May 2018

Crave, your new craving

Below the Cesar Chavez Center, next to the gaming center, sits Crave — a new sandwich shop where Ike’s Place used to be, which had previously closed over two months ago. The change has gone

24 Jan 2018

Planting seeds for growth

A year into the Trump administration, America has pulled out of the Paris climate agreement, put tariffs on solar panels and put more funding into the coal industry. These administrative

13 Dec 2017

Eye popping play premiers

From twerking, Trump and penises to the gender swapped roles, Lysistrata, the musical of the season at SF State, stepped forward to make a statement on stage. Based on an

13 Dec 2017

Pop some tags

You walk into a store where everything is in front of you: the prices, the sizes, the same dress in every color. You get exactly what you want –– but

15 Nov 2017

New Moves: Flux, strapped for time

Rushing on stage with music and the sound of water in the background, the first dancers of the last performance of New Moves: Flux took the stage a month earlier

25 Oct 2017

Laramie: the show went on

The Laramie Project, a production at SF State by the theater department, was supposed to open on Thursday, Oct. 12. However, like the rest of campus due to the fires,

17 Oct 2017

Shots not wasted

As I stare blankly at the pictures and videos of people running across my computer and tv screens, I start to wonder–– have I become desensitized to this? But more

11 Sep 2017

Alumna returns to create Expressions

“I am very emotionally Japanese; the events make me feel something. All of my choreography is emotionally-based and that comes out,” Ayana Yonesaka said. “Each dance is specifically inspired.” The

04 Sep 2017

Dancers audition for New Moves

Students sweat as they danced across the floor during the auditions for the New Moves show, a modern dance performance created by students at SF State premiering this November. Auditioners