08 Dec 2015

Being Brazilian is not an “other” option

Marking “other” on surveys as part of my racial demographic is insulting and belittling to my ethnicity. The SF State Climate survey asked me to define my race as: African American, Asian, White, American

17 Nov 2015

Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing welcomes the roaring ’20s

One year after the world commemorated the onset of World War I with candlelight vigils, SF State’s theatre department will put on their second main stage production of the year, a ’20s-themed

06 Nov 2015

Former mayor reflects on his time at SF State

The seats of Seven Hills Conference Center were packed Wednesday as students and faculty gathered to listen to SF State alumnus and former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown discuss his

28 Oct 2015

Anti-queer organizations continue to support hate

People who support companies that donate to anti-queer organizations are also promoting anti-queer causes. Stopping at Memories Pizza, a restaurant who has been openly discriminatory against gay couples, on a vacation to

06 Oct 2015

SF State weighs in on gun control

A mass school shooting at an Oregon community college Oct. 1 sparked debate over gun laws and safety within the SF State community. The gunman, Chris Harper-Mercer, 26, who was

05 Oct 2015

Roommates and co-stars lead main stage in Stop Kiss

The familiar sound of popcorn kernels firing away in the microwave signals the beginning of movie night at the home of SF State theatre majors Lauren “Lo” Prentiss and Rosie

15 Sep 2015

SF state’s fringe plays begins with absinthe green

Absinthe Green, a dramatic production teeming with mystery, obsession and gunplay, will open the Fringe Goes Long series Sept. 25. Fringe Goes Long, SF State’s annual series of full-length, one-act plays, features

15 Sep 2015

SF State alum wins SF Weekly’s Best Drink Publication

Sitting in a classroom, anxiously awaiting his fate, SF State alumnus Samuel Molmud said he was laser-focused when judges from local publications came to his contemporary magazine class to judge

14 Sep 2015

Trump’s racism kills his presidential potential

While other 2016 United States presidential candidates downplay their opposition to illegal immigration, Donald Trump isn’t afraid to bring his racism and negative assumptions about immigrants to the forefront. In

02 Sep 2015

APSA Director Kim Mealy to speak to SF State students about diversity

[slideshow_deploy id=’67237′] Kim Mealy, director of diversity and inclusion programs with the American Political Science Association said she hopes she can motivate SF State students to increase the presence of