09 May 2018

SF State fights student homelessness

A leadership panel on homelessness tackled barriers and solutions to student homelessness in the wake of recent tent encampment sweeps on the streets of San Francisco. Justin Wellins of the

02 May 2018

Mashouf sees increase in petty theft

Mashouf Wellness Center experienced 10 petty thefts, which accounted for at least 60 percent of the total petty theft incidents on campus in the past 60 days. According to the

02 May 2018

SF State opens a new museum

Ancient triple nesting sarcophagi stole the spotlight at SF State’s Global Museum’s inaugural opening on April 26. The new museum featured four different sections: collections from the Americas, Oceana, Africa,

04 Apr 2018

Social media ‘brain hacking’

Everything I’ve hated about myself — from my hair, to my body, my accomplishments, my relationships — stemmed from what I’ve seen on social media. It goes without saying that

28 Mar 2018

ASI Farmer’s Market will start accepting EBT cards

After a two-year process, SF State’s farmers market will soon be able to accept Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards to address food insecurity on campus. In 2016, the CSU Chancellor’s

07 Mar 2018

Mental illness and gun control: Is it to blame for mass shootings?

When mass shootings, especially school shootings, occur in the United States, gun advocates always blame the shooter’s mental issues while the opposing side chooses gun control laws as a solution.

01 Mar 2018

Gig economy makes filing taxes for students complicated

Many students working in the “gig” economy struggle during the tax filing season due to lack of knowledge regarding their obligations and deductions. “Gig” economy jobs include occupations that are

28 Feb 2018

SF State develops new “Animals on Campus” policies

SF State’s Department of Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) is currently developing new policies regarding emotional support animals on campus. When it comes to animals on campus, the University

31 Jan 2018

On-campus petty theft and burglary on the decline

Burglary incidents at SF State experienced a steady increase over the past couple of years. While petty theft incidents have decreased, it continues to be the most frequently reported occurring

15 Dec 2017

Untouchable portrays viewpoints on racism and white privilege

With just the right amount of angst and passion, Eminem’s Untouchable details the two sides of racial injustice. The first two verses of the song confront the criminalization of the

13 Dec 2017

Campus-wide repairs caused hot water shut-down

Water line repairs on campus caused an emergency hot water shut down affecting Mashouf Wellness Center on Nov. 14 and the Vista room on Nov. 17. University facilities services sent

06 Dec 2017

More LGBTQ+ visibility can lower stigmas

From the legalization of same sex marriage to the inception of all-gender public restrooms, this nation has made some remarkable progress when it comes to accepting and supporting LGBTQ+ individuals

22 Nov 2017

Public prayer aims to reject misconceptions about Islam

Muslim students from SF State and CCSF gathered on Friday afternoon to pray at Malcolm X Plaza despite having had to face criticisms in the past. SF State’s Muslim student

21 Nov 2017

Wasting food is more than just a moral issue

Every week for the past months, I have thrown out at least five bags of kale mixes that I had forgotten about. I felt guilty each time, because not only

01 Nov 2017

New undergrad advisor brings fresh perspective

Jason Jacobson, the new director of Undergraduate Advising Center at SF State, talked about his past career achievements and future plans as students piled up at the advising center to

02 May 2017

ASI moves forward with a new board after a controversial election

The new board members of Associated Students, Inc. took their oaths in Jack Adams Hall on Monday, after weeks of careful deliberation on how to address conflicts surrounding the election.

28 Apr 2017

ASI board members discuss new election process

The Associated Students, Inc. board of directors ruled that a re-election would be too expensive after the judicial council made the proposal due to grievances candidates filed against one another.

23 Apr 2017

Berkeley police investigate alumnus connection to rally assault

The Berkeley Police Department is investigating a former Diablo Valley College teacher accused of assaulting a Trump supporter at a protest in Berkeley. Anonymous users on 4Chan, a public online

20 Apr 2017

Tuition freeze bill moves through state Assembly committees

The Higher Education Committee approved Assembly bills Tuesday that will benefit California students if passed, including one that would freeze tuition until December 2020. Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and leaders of

19 Apr 2017

Allegations of misconduct plague ASI election

The Associated Students, Inc. judicial council held a third hearing that tackled grievances filed against ASI candidates suspected of breaking election code. Rodrigo Polidano, a science and engineering representative candidate,

07 Apr 2017

Students and faculty gather to tackle Islamophobia

The Muslim Student Association organized a teach-in event on Thursday afternoon in order to give Muslim students and faculty a chance to communicate their concerns and thoughts on Islamophobia Students

05 Apr 2017

University Park South experiences a second break-in this year

An apartment in the University Park South area was burglarized on Saturday night while tenants were out. University Park South is an apartment complex owned by the University where some

02 Apr 2017

Indecent exposure reported at the J. Paul Leonard library

An indecent exposure incident occurred in the J. Paul Leonard library Saturday afternoon. The incident happened at 3:19 p.m. on April 1 when a non-SF State affiliated female, who was

20 Mar 2017

ASI inspires students to fight against tuition increase

Associated Students Inc. collected testimonials from students at Malcolm X Plaza Wednesday to reject a tuition increase proposed for the fall semester. “This is crunch time,” said Celia LoBuono Gonzalez,

16 Mar 2017

Student moms struggle with lack of campus facilities

Student mothers are struggling to find a private place to pump breast milk and make diaper changes due to the lack of campus resources for students who have children. According

04 Mar 2017

ASI partners up with SF-Marin food bank to help feed hungry students

Associated Students Incorporated and the SF-Marin food bank launched a pop-up food pantry on campus to address food insecurity among students. ASI, which is in charge of the weekly farmers

02 Mar 2017

Student Affairs’ healthy snack program goes unnoticed

The Health Promotion and Wellness unit of Student Affairs launched Nourishing Minds this semester in order to promote healthy snacking habits, but students remain unaware of the new program due

27 Oct 2016

Student Health Services promotes wellness with Halloween spirit

Student Health Services hosted a Halloween-themed open house Wednesday to promote stress management techniques and student success. The Student Health Center was transformed into a Halloween house and costumed staff

22 Oct 2016

Student seeks unconventional relationship by unconventional means

While many young people who are seeking a relationship turn to online dating apps, Alex Wong decided he would try an unusual approach. Wong, a broadcast and electronic communication arts

11 Oct 2016

New USCF-baseed bioengineering center opens its doors to SF State

SF State is partnering with Blue Sky, a bioengineering center based at University of California San Francisco, and has selected seven graduate students and seven faculty members to participate in

12 Sep 2016

New health center appointment system speeds up service

Students have found relief from overcrowding and long waits in the Student Health Center since the implementation of a new online appointment system last semester. In the past, the SF