21 Aug 2017

SF fog hinders eclipse viewing

As students and faculty looked toward the sky this morning with every intention of seeing the first solar eclipse of the century, they were met with a different view– or

19 Apr 2016

Women scientists foster community with new club

Women majoring in physics and astronomy at SF State can now easily network with each other, thanks to a new club on campus. Formed in November 2015 by physics lecturer Dr.

12 Apr 2016

SF State professor maps ‘super earth’

Stephen Kane, a physics and astronomy professor at SF State, and his team have discovered and constructed a thermal image map of a new planet, named 55 Cancri. The new

04 Feb 2014

Astronomy professor discovers planet outside Solar System

Dr. Stephen Kane, assistant professor in the physics and astronomy department, has discovered approximately 50 different planets and recently discovered an exoplanet outside of the Solar System. Photo by Tony