26 Feb 2019

Xpress news story exploited for profit

Our independent newspaper has prided itself since 1927 for being a student-run publication, free from the influence of the University and even our own journalism department.  Recently, this distinction was

28 Aug 2018

Letter from the Editor, Fall 2018

Fifty years ago this fall our university’s core values and principles were redefined. It took the longest held student strike in United States history to redefine these values, and it

16 Aug 2018

Outside Lands brings the noise

Outside Lands Music & Art Festival descended upon San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park for the tenth anniversary last weekend– attracting thousands of SF residents, as well as travelers, dedicated to

18 Apr 2017

Battle of the bands at SF State

Associated Students of San Francisco State University hosted the battle of the bands in The Depot Tuesday, April 11 as the second event of the 7th annual Rhythms Fusic Festival.

07 Apr 2017

What’s your best kept secret at SF State?

According to the San Francisco State University academic calendar, the University enjoys a total undergraduate enrollment of more than 30,000 students, and every single one of them has at least a

14 Feb 2017

SF State gets the blues

    Listen carefully and you might hear wailing guitars and soulful harmonicas yearning deep down in an unlikely, hidden pocket of campus. The blues is alive and well at