Campus crime update: stuck in an elevator, an angry would-be weed purchaser and chased on campus

Here’s an update on campus crimes that occurred between Sept. 5th and Sept. 14th.

It’s a trap!

Well this is just special. Several SF State students trapped themselves in the Mary Park Hall elevator last Saturday, turning a night of simple freshman hijinks into possible fodder for R. Kelly’s next installment of the ‘Trapped in the Closet‘ series. The entrapped called 911 and police and an elevator technician arrived, determining that the students caused the elevator to malfunction. The elevator was temporarily shutdown and the students were let go. No one cheated on their girlfriend or brandished berettas during the incident.

Where’s the weed at?

We’ve all been there. You’re strolling around San Francisco and a hopeful stoner asks you where to procure some marijuana. Usually a simple ‘I don’t know’ is suffice and our stoner friend wanders to the Haight and Stanyan McDonalds. Last Saturday atop the SFSU parking garage however, an SF State student was met with a different response when a toking-hopeful became ornery and threatened the student after they said they didn’t have any weed. Police responded and arrested the combative cannabis compadre. Bummer, bro.

Invasion of the body snatchers

Three a.m. is a perfect time to stroll the SF State campus if you’re looking for some quiet time, doing some late-night geocaching, or participating in midnight scavenger hunts! Unfortunately, it also leaves deviants opportunities to harass people and do some mean things to those who are not aware. A student experienced just that last Saturday when two unknown people chased them in front of the Humanities building. The student escaped his pursuers and reported it to the police. So remember everyone, walk in groups and keep your eyes open when perambulating the campus!