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New cheer team looks to shake up vibes on campus

New dance moves will be on the court during halftime in upcoming basketball games
Adriana Hernandez
Silhouettes of four dancers posing in front of musical notes. (Adriana Hernandez/ Golden Gate Xpress)

Stomp and Shake, a new cheer team that hopes to bring the community together and energy up to San Francisco State University and its sporting events.

The team currently consists of 15 members and hopes to participate in their first performance, Dec. 31, during the halftime of the SFSU women’s basketball game against Cal State East Bay.

The team, founded by Janiyah Johnson a SFSU first-year student, is currently aiming to be accepted by Associated Students in hopes of gaining funding for future events.

Johnson started dancing when she was six and became captain of the cheer team at Oakland Technical High School.

“I’ve always loved cheer and dance,” said Johnson. “I think we kind of need something like that here. I feel like at the games it’s pretty low energy. Considering our last couple of losses, I feel like bringing this team to the games will kind of help them with their energy.”

Johnson explained how she believes the team is also an opportunity to create a diverse community for minority groups on campus.

According to the SFSU student enrollment report, Black students only make up 6% of SFSU’s student body, not including international students.

Poster of the Stomp and Shake Team. The QR code will direct you to their official Instagram page @sfstate_stompandshake where you can sign up to try out. Dec, 14, 2023. (Graphic by Colin Flynn / Golden Gate Xpress) 

“Hopefully we create some type of sisterhood,” said Johnson. “I also want to bring that diversity, because a lot of stomp and shake teams are usually black women. The team was inspired by HBCUs [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] and that’s kind of why I wanted to bring it here. There’s not too many diverse teams and I feel like I kind of want to incorporate that in the team. So definitely, like a sorority type of thing.”

Dunia Wilder, coach of the Stomp and Shake team, emphasized that the team values inclusivity and hopes to be an entity that allows students to come and express their pride for SFSU.

“Anyone can join,” Wilder said. “I’ve said that to all 15 girls, if you know anyone that would like to join, you could be Asian, you could be an Indian, white, whatever, if you got rhythm and you want to support your team, come join.”

Wilder, a New Orleans native, hopes the team can duplicate the energy captured by the majorette and dance teams at HBCUs and bring that aura to SFSU events. By doing so, Wilder believes can lead to more incoming students wanting to be a part of an electric atmosphere.

A.San.Te Goode, a transfer student from Lancaster, Calif., had a rigorous semester this fall and it took a toll on her. Joining Stomp and Shake has been the highlight of her first semester and with more time, she’ll be able to make the connections she envisioned before arriving on campus.

“I haven’t gotten a chance to fully bond with them in the way that I’m hoping to in the future,” Goode said. “Everyone’s kind of shy and stuff right now, but everyone seems so nice and so sweet. It’s pretty nice. I just want us to be friends and I’m so excited.”

Natasha Smith, SFSU women’s basketball head coach, is open to the idea of sharing the court with the dance team and what they could add to the game’s atmosphere.

“It’s our duty as supporters of our student-athletes and student body to offer the best college experience that we possibly can here at San Francisco State,” said Smith. “Adding the Stomp and Shake team is a step in the right direction of lifting our Gator spirit.”

The team also has plans to make an impact beyond putting together energizing dance moves during sporting events.

“Our goal would be to support every team,” said Wilder. “Also, giving back, that’s a huge part of it. You’re not just the cheer team, or you’re not just this stomp-and-shake team. You’re getting out there, you’re getting involved in the community and you’re giving back to the community.”

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