Campus crime update: attempted auto theft, defaced Hall of Fame and an overzealous creep

All incidents happened between Oct. 19 and Oct. 24.

Dude, where’s my car?

While driving in San Francisco can be a hassle, it is often faster than waiting for the 28 or 29 busses. One individual took upon himself last Saturday to forgo waiting for Muni and went “shopping” at one of largest auto malls near SF State: the Stonestown Mall parking lot. While inspecting a car (probably with a bent coat hanger) campus police caught and arrested the individual.

Hall of (de)Fame

Remember sore losers back in elementary school? There was always some kid yelling at everyone on their team because their team lost. While this often disappears by adulthood (for some), it apparently didn’t for one person who decided to damage the SF State Hall of Fame photos in the gym last Wednesday, October 19. Perhaps they were infuriated at the excellence that the Gators sports teams have put forth over the years? Or maybe it was jealous lover tampering with the photo of a former companion? Either way, police are looking into the matter.

Holler, holler, holler, holler, holler

While dodging cat-callers on the street isn’t always too difficult, it’s harder when they do it in a dorm hallway. Just that happened last Saturday when a man followed a female student and her friends all the way to her dorm in Mary Ward Hall. The man, who was described as a black male with a red shirt and beard, was cited and barred from the campus. While his description could account for several thousand different people in San Francisco alone, it’s worth nothing for future reference.