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Xpress Thanksgiving editorial: what we're thankful for

Sara Donchey
Illustration by Sara Donchey

The Xpress staff is looking forward to the Thanksgiving break next week. In acknowledgement of the holiday we would like to take this time to reflect with our readers about what we give thanks for.

Here is what our editors are appreciative of:

1) Our readers. There wouldn’t be a reason to publish without you.

2) The Associated Press Style Guide, the journalist’s code. How else would we know how to use numbers, words and punctuation in context? One turkey sits in the middle of the table while 10 family members stare at it with mouths watering. Right then, Gov. Jerry Brown walks in with 100 voters and asks, “Where is President Barack Obama?” Side note: They’re is different than their and there.

3) Occupy Oakland. Not only does the movement give us something to do every week, but it makes us look good because they’ve had more eviction notices than the staff. And it’s the perfect opportunity for us to purchase snazzy new gas masks.

4) Computers. Trying to produce the paper on a typewriter would be painful, both literally and figuratively.

5) Cafe Rosso. With its proximity to the Humanities Building all of the editors eat or drink there at least once a day. It fuels our madness.

6) Alcohol. This job comes with stress and lots of it. There is nothing like an ice cold one after a long day in the newsroom.  We have no preference. On a college budget, we take what we can get.

7) Caffeine. Our web director, Aaron Williams, is our certified barista. Fresh coffee is a morning staple in the newsroom. Rockstar, Red Bull and Yerba Mate have also been known to make guest appearances in the paws of editors and reporters.

8) Social Media. Facebook and Twitter create an open channel between each other and our readers. How else would we have gotten the breaking news of Kim Kardashian’s sudden, shocking divorce, or seen the naked pictures of Scarlett Johansson?

9) Family. We love our blood relatives, but we have picked up some new brothers and sisters from our relationships built through Xpress and SF State.

10) Reduced fat food options. It allows double eating with the same amount of calories. If that doesn’t make any sense, that could explain why our jean sizes keep getting bigger.

11) Taking more than four years to graduate. The more years spent on campus, the closer we get to a view of the finished library.

12) Google. Not Google+, their wannabe Facebook — none of us use it. But the search feature allows us to fact check and get background information. We are the spoiled generation of journalists. What are books again?

13) Kevin, our office manager, or anyone else who brings food to the newsroom. Feeling generous? We’re always hungry in Humanities Room 310.

November isn’t just the odd numbered month after October, before December. It is the month of gratitude, and as the Xpress staff looks around at the past 12 issues we realize how much we have to be grateful for.

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Xpress Thanksgiving editorial: what we're thankful for