New CSU budget proposal could raise tuition, restore $300 million to higher education

California State University students are no strangers to the ongoing budget struggle both at the college and state level. A new budget proposal seeks to alleviate some of the financial pressures put on the CSU system.

During a teleconference with student media organizations today, CSU Assistant Vice Chancellor of the Budget Robert Turnage outlined a 2012-2013 budget request that will be presented to the board of trustees later in the week. From there, the budget proposal will go to Sacramento where Turnage hopes that the governor will approve the request.

“It’s probably no surprise to any of you that for the last four years the state of California and University have been in real financial crisis,” Turnage said.

The CSU system’s funding was cut by $650 million in 2011. There is also an impending $100 million “trigger cut” if state revenues do not improve.

The budget proposal will ask the legislature to restore more than $300 million for 2012-2013. The budget proposal also includes a $498 annual student tuition fee increase for fall 2012. However, the proposal offers the legislature the option of “buying out” the fee increase.

The budget proposal will be put to a vote during Wednesday’s CSU Board of Trustees meeting.

According to Turnage, the system has been “making ends meet,” but prolonged budget troubles have had a real impact on students and their ability to access critical services.

“We cannot go into next fiscal year with as little money available as we have now and still meet the rising demand of access,” Turnage said.