Students seek the best places to study during finals week

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Paper is strewn about, everyone loses sleep over how prepared they are and fingers get tired from endless Internet searches. No, it’s not Christmas; it’s the end of the semester. But, like Christmas, finals can make it difficult to find a moment of peace amid the chaos.

This is why students have particular study spots they like more than others, but these students share something in common: They resort to these locations to concentrate and avoid distractions.

“At home I eat and watch TV,” said senior Joe Gerigk, criminal justice major. “Then the next thing you know it’s 30 minutes later and probably a good idea to get back to work.”

TV is just one of the many distractions people face while studying at home, but some distractions have a mind of their own and can’t simply be turned on or off.

“At home it’s not very productive,” said Courtney Camin, an anthropology major. “My dog is a huge distraction so I try to leave as early as possible and stay on campus until I get it done. I enjoy the A room computer lab in the Business building. It’s quiet and warm in there.”

Some students have one particular area that they tend to go to, but others have different places for different needs.

“I usually hang out at the Annex because it’s easy to get computer and printer access,” said Kristiffer Ronngard, a marketing major. “If I need to read I go to Rigoberta Menchu Hall because it’s quiet. Otherwise I just sit here (in the Richard Oaks Multicultural Center). It depends on what I am doing.”

If TV and dogs are not enough to contend with, try living in a small apartment with multiple roommates.

“My roommates both go to State,” said Monika Rhodes, a senior in child development. “I get the most work done on campus. I have more space.”

Every student reacts to noise differently. Some people like the quiet atmosphere of computer labs while others prefer a more crowded environment.

“I don’t like studying at home because it makes me want to sleep,” said Rabab Khodary, a graduate student in cellular molecular biology. “Cesar Chavez is my favorite. The noise never bothers me. I feel that it’s actually good.”

Whether studying in a computer lab, the library Annex, or the cafeteria in Cesar Chavez, many students seem to agree on one thing: studying requires a special space.