CSU budget cut by another $100 million

Gov. Jerry Brown announced that the California State University budget would be cut by an additional $100 million in a press conference earlier today.

The new cut is a result of lower-than-projected California tax revenue than was projected when the state budget was passed in June, and comes on the heels of a pre-existing $650 million reduction in CSU funding.

“It is disheartening to say the least when your budget is cut by an initial $650 million, but to face an additional $100 million reduction mid-year makes things extremely challenging,” said CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed in a statement posted on the CSU website. “We were aware that this was a possibility, and our campuses have been planning accordingly. However, the uncertainty of the overall fiscal outlook for the state is not encouraging and the CSU has run out of good options.”

The CSU board of trustees approved their 2012-2013 budget Nov. 16, in which they petitioned the state legislature to restore $333 million in funds to the depleted budget. The board also approved a 9 percent tuition increase for CSU students, effective fall 2012.

CSU spokeswoman Stephanie Thara noted that today’s cuts will not affect the budget passed last month in the form of another tuition increase, but that the CSU system is disheartened by the news.

“The CSU is cut to the bone,” Thara said. “It’s really devastating to hear.”