Campus crime update: Loitering, theft, weapon possession

Loitering at the Towers

Police received a call Feb. 10 about a suspicious man lurking around the Towers at Centennial Square behaving very strangely. The fire department responded and determined that he was mentally altered. The man was transported to San Francisco General Hospital following the incident. If you see someone loitering suspiciously anywhere on campus, be sure to call University police.

Stolen Laptop

A man reported the $3, 570 theft of his laptop from his home in Parkmerced Feb. 9. The police responded and filed a report, but the case was closed with no leads. Remember to lock your doors and put your property in a secure location when leaving it unattended, even in your own home.

Man With a Knife

An officer spotted a man walking around campus the night of Feb. 9 near 19th Avenue with a knife. When questioned, the man told the officer that he wanted to kill himself. He was immediately transported to San Francisco General Hospital for mental health detention. If you witness a person with any kind of weapon, do not hesitate to notify University police.