Day of Action at SF State dampened by bad weather

A low turnout and rainy weather brought gloom to SF State on Thurday’s walkout as a part of the national Day of Action for Education.

Despite many flyers posted throughout campus announcing the event, only about 100 people gathered in the Cesar Chavez Student Center to protest budget cuts and tuition increases.

The protest at SF State was organized by Students for Quality Education, Occupy SFSU and the California Faculty Association. Planned activities included writing on the Tag the Truth Banner and signing petitions. Students looking on held signs made by SQE.

Although the budget cuts are affecting all students at SF State, many chose not to protest.

Gurpreet Toor is a senior majoring in kinesiology and had a test in his anatomical kinesiology class on motor learning, muscles and bones during the time of the walkout. But this wasn’t his only reason for deciding not to join in the events.

“It would be more effective if they came up with a different method to protest; they’ve been doing walkouts since I got here in ’09 and they still continue to raise the fees,” Toor said. “They need to find a better method to reach the people they are trying to reach.”

Some students did decide to skip class, like Marcela Pimentel, a communications sophomore and member of SQE.

“It’s kind of hard because it’s one of my favorite classes, but this is something I feel personal about and I want to make sure that everyone has their voice heard,” Pimentel said.

Pimentel’s job during the demonstration was to encourage people to sign the “Tag the Truth” banner, which gave students an opportunity to express their feelings and concerns about the state of education.

After a variety of speakers addressed the crowd about the importance of taking action for education, approximately 60 students and faculty members began a march across campus.

“March today, take a stand, education’s our demand!” protesters yelled in unison as they traveled up the stairs of the Cesar Chavez Student Center. Eventually, they made their way around campus to the Humanities building and circled back to Malcolm X Plaza.

After the march around campus, the protesters dispersed with encouragements from SQE to reunite at Civic Center. They planned to hold a teach-in and occupation there at 3 p.m. Other events for the evening include a rally, speakers, music and art in front of City Hall at 4 p.m.